Empirica Consulting Ltd

Experts in supply chain network design, strategic investment & restructuring, financial & stochastic modelling. Experts in solving supply chain problems using analytics, optimisation & simulation. Developers of groundbreaking supply-chain analytics applications. Here you can learn more about our skills & experience, see some examples of our work, and find out how to contact us if you have a project or tough problem that could benefit from our expertise.

Who We Are

Very experienced team offering a special set of skills from previous roles in multinationals, consultancy, academia, and supply-chain software.

With backgrounds in supply chain design, operations research, production, mechanical & industrial engineering, and supply chain planning software.

We're creative, persistent & pragmatic in getting the task done. We're passionate about delivering results through supply chain analytics, optimisation & simulation, and developing innovative software. Contact us for more information.

What We Do

Make a real difference in our clients' projects & deliver significant value. Our rigorous & pragmatic approach reveals actionable insights. See examples of our work below from projects involving:
  • Supply chain network design
  • Cost modelling & capital investment
  • Capacity planning & plant design
  • Inventory optimisation & simulation
  • Risk & robustness
  • Greenhouse gas emissions & environmental sustainability
  • Development of groundbreaking supply chain analysis applications
  • Training & coaching

Where We Work

Although we're based in the UK, we work on supply chain projects from many countries. Since Empirica started in 2006, we've worked on supply chains in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa & Australasia.

We've worked in several different industrial sectors, examples include: fast moving consumer goods, retail, oil & industrial lubricants, steel making, high-tech electronics, chemicals, spare parts, health & pharmaceuticals, engineering and industrial goods.

We've worked with a network of associates and partners in different countries.

Some of the clients or brands we've worked with

Our Skillset

Our Work

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